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Apr 03

Quick Compare Nvidia GTX 10 Series vs 20 Series vs 16 Series

There are a lot of posts out there and “ultimate guides” giving full spec breakdowns on new and old graphic cards, but a lot of people are just looking for a quick side by side comparison of the “new vs old” graphics cards. Newegg lets you do this, but only 5 at a time. Wikipedia kind of does this, but you can’t compare different series.

In this post I’m only going to compare CUDA cores, memory, MSRP, mem type, base clock speed, and power. I realize there is a whole wealth of other specifications that really matter when making a purchase, but these are always the first thing I look at when weighing a new graphics card.

Last updated August 2019. If I made any mistakes or you think I should add anything tweet me at @pmkoom.

Card CUDA Cores Memory MSRP Mem Type Clock Power
GTX1060 1280 6GB $249 GDDR5 1506Mhz 120 watts
GTX 1070 1920 8GB $379 GDDR5 1506 MHz 150 watts
GTX 1070ti 2432 8GB $449 GDDR5 1607 MHz 180 watts
GTX 1080 2560 8GB $499 GDDR5 1607 MHz 180 watts
GTX 1080ti 3584 11GB $669 GDDR5 1480 MHz 250 watts
RTX 2060 1920 6GB $349 GDDR6 1365 MHz 160 watts
RTX 2060 Super 2176 6GB $399 GDDR6 1470 MHz 175watts
RTX 2070 2304 8GB $499 GDDR6 1410 MHz 175 watts
RTX 2070 Super 2560 8GB $499 GDDR6 1605MHz 215 watts
RTX 2080 2944 8GB $699 GDDR6 1650 MHz 225watts
RTX 2080 Super 3072 8GB $699 GDDR6 1650 MHz 250 watts
RTX 2080ti 4352 11GB $999 GDDR6 1350 MHz 260 watts
GTX 1650 896 4GB $179 GDDR6 1485 MHz 75 watts
GTX 1660 1408 6GB $229 GDDR6 1785MHz 120 watts
GTX 1660Ti 1536 6GB $349 GDDR6 1770 MHz 120 watts

The 20 series uses “Ray Tracing” which was largely debated when it was first released it is geared towards gaming graphics.

The 16 series uses the Turing architecture. They marketed the 16 series towards live streamers.

Is there anything that I’m missing that absolutely needs to be added? Memory Clock? Ports? If so, let me know! Thanks for checking this out!



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