As long as there is search, there will be SEO.

SEO Consultation

As of 2019, I’ve been consulting for about 12 years in the web marketing niche. 10 of those years have been at my SEO agency full time, Elite Strategies. Prior to that, I’ve always worked on the web building websites and helping businesses build websites. Each year, I accept 1-2 clients on my personal roster. This is not a ploy to make it look like I am really in-demand, it is truly because I am too busy with my managing my agency to pay attention to more than 1-2 clients on my own.

I don’t mess around, I do not waste my own time so I definitely won’t waste yours.

My promises to you:

  • I will never lock you into a contract, if you want to cancel you cancel.
  • I will never hold your website hostage. If you want your website, just ask and I’ll send you a zip file in under 24 hours.
  • I will never take a job that I’m not capable of doing.  I’ve turned away huge jobs.
  • I won’t do anything that could knowingly damage your website, your rankings, or your reputation.
  • I will do my absolute best to get the job done. 99% of the time I deliver above and beyond what you pay for.

Here is where I shine:

Technical SEO

I’m a technical SEO, this means I’m familiar with all aspects of SEO from on-page optimization, website architecture, frameworks, Googlebot, schema markup, JSON-LD, and everything in between. I specialize in WordPress, but I was raised on flat file systems. I have copious knowledge of eCommerce systems and other frameworks as well.

Highly Organized and Efficient

My #1 skill is organization and efficiency. From emails, to project management everything I do is documented, saved, and backed up. I use Basecamp for project management and Dropbox to share files. I don’t waste time providing reports for things that you can easily look up yourself, or “vanity metrics” that don’t matter.

Manual Website Audits

My SEO audits are no joke. I literally perform a comprehensive audit from A to Z. For this, I’ll need full access to your website, its resources, and your server. This normally takes about a week once I’ve received access to your site.

My Team

If there is something I don’t know, or am unfamiliar with I have a full staff capable of carrying out almost anything that is needed. This doesn’t mean I “know people” it literally means I employ a full staff of experts in my office in Delray Beach, FL.


The best security you can have is a good backup. I backup all of my client websites at the very minimum every week, most of them get backed up every day. This means they are all archived, compressed and saved locally to the server they reside on, and then copied to a 3rd party server. High priority sites or anyone that requests it get a 3rd level of redundancy.

Server Administration

From web servers to mail servers, I can carry out most basic tasks on a server. This includes log analysis, figuring out issues with load time, or transferring a website with a database. I first started studying operating systems in 1994, and installed and compiled my first Linux box in 1998 which is around the same time I installed my first LAN (local area network.)  I also own my own hosting company.

Design and Development

I’m one of the few SEO’s that is also a capable designer. While I don’t consider myself to be an expert designer, I know my way around Photoshop and can put together an image, edit a photo, or design an illustration. If you don’t have a website, I can create one for you that you will be proud of.


For personal clients, I do 2 monthly phone calls that normally range between 30 to 60 minutes. I normally provide 1 report at the end of the month.

What I Don’t Do

I don’t do email marketing and I don’t do display advertising. I also won’t violate Google’s guidelines and do blackhat SEO, even if you want me to. I realize there are tons of grey areas in SEO, but I know what the dark side looks like. I also don’t work in the gambling, pharmaceutical, or porn niches. It’s not that I’m against it, its just a totally different ballgame.  Other than that, I’m fair game.

About YOU

Here is a sample demographic of the clients I normally work with on a personal basis:

  • have a minimum budget of $5000 / month
  • are the decision maker at your company
  • have a basic understanding of SEO
  • does not want blackhat SEO

If you are interested in my consulting services, send me an email to patrickfl AT gmail dot com.