As long as there is search, there will be SEO.
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about patrick

If you’ve been looking for that “all around” type of internet marketing professional, with years in the business, and a talented team behind him, you can stop right here. I’ve mastered the art of SEO (ranking in Google) and PPC (generating hot leads to your inbox, daily). I’ve got search engine optimization in my blood. I live, eat, and breath SEO and love what I do for a living.

(These aren’t just random companies…I’ve been featured in all of these, or have guest posted there as well as 100’s of others.)

my mission

I truly make it my mission in life to provide superior results for my clients. That might look like creating a sick looking website, or working all weekend to gain those few extra positions. My team and I are constantly reading up on the latest tactics, and keep our ears open when it comes to Google updates.

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OK fine, you got it out of me. I’m the antithesis of nerd. My family is truly everything, I’ve got the best group of friends, and at this point consider the people I work with my second family. At the end of the day, I like to play basketball and video games with my eldest son, and go out to dinner with my wife.

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my promise

I will never, ever take on a job that I know I can’t crush. I definitely won’t take on a job that I can’t handle. I’ve got a proven track record of providing top results for my clients, from nationally recognized brands to small mom and pop shops.

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When was the last time someone gave you an honest assessment of your website? I’ve developed a 24 point SEO inspection that will give you a full rundown of your SEO capabilities. From simple aspects of your website like content, to more complex ones like JSON-LD implementation, my manual SEO audit will truly give you a comprehensive assessment of your website.


Delray Beach, FL

 [email protected]

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