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Goal: Learn Adobe Premiere

I’ve found it is really helpful for me when learning something new if I put it in writing, in public.

A little over 2 years ago I started learning Photoshop. Since then I’ve gone from complete novice, to becoming fully confident with this program. I’ve created websites, business cards, flyers, and 100’s of graphics using Photoshop. I’ve even stepped in and started doing client work from time to time, with great feedback.

Now that I’m comfortable making professional graphics, I’d really like to be able to do the same with videos. Over the last few weeks I’ve started familiarizing myself with Adobe Premiere by using online tutorials, websites and playing with the interface myself.

My overall goals are to be able to learn:

  • basic video editing (cutting out sections, “uh’s” “um’s” etc
  • combining videos into one, for how-to’s and such
  • basic video effects such as titles etc
  • basic, basic animation such as a slide in title etc

I really don’t want to get too fancy with video editing. With graphics and photo editing I really wanted a professional understanding but with video editing I will settle for “intermediate hobbyist” at best.

Right now I’m having a really hard time with choosing the correct sequence. For instance how do I know what sequence to choose for what tpye of video. If I have a video I ripped from YouTube, what type of sequence should I use as opposed to an HD video from my DSLR camera?

For now I’ll commit to 30 minutes of learning per day, and at least 1-2 major sessions per week where I spend a few hours doing hard core immersion.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure that all out. Thanks anyone for listening. Now that this is in writing, there is really no turning back!



Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe

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