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Aug 29

SEO email marketing gone HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY wrong!

This poor, poor uninformed “SEO content writer” (a word I despise on a cellular level) blasted a scraped list of 500 (probably more)emails and openly included everyone’s email.

So it went something like this:hardcore SEO email marketing fail


About an hour later, the shitstorm began taking form.


(they are still coming in)

———–begin facepalm———–

face palm

Spamming fellow marketers with this tactic is almost like doing a burglary in a police station in broad daylight with no mask.

The fact that he scraped these emails does not help either. I, for one did not opt in to this and have never heard of him.

People who work for digital agencies are constantly getting these emails. When someone messes up as badly as this guy did, it is no wonder people were not very nice.

Potential consequences:

  • someone publicly outs him (I’ve gently anonymized his name, you can probably figure it out)
  • public shaming on Twitter etc
  • being that he is in the USA, he gets whacked $16,000 per email thanks to the CAN-SPAM act

Somewhere out there, someone is learning a very hard lesson tonight.

flag as spam

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