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Jun 29
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Google’s Parking Directions: Still a Ways Off

Was perusing the interwebs on my mobile devices just now and noticed something new on Google Now. Google has now started showing me where I parked.

google parking directions

Now this might be cool if I have 5 cars and I’m out of town and need to know roughly what part of the world I parked in, but I have only 1 car and generally don’t leave my city.

Here are the most scenarios people forget where they parked:

  • shopping malls and large plazas
  • airports
  • bus and train stations
  • government buildings, courthouses etc
  • any sort of large parking lot

Google Parking Locations can’t help with any of these.

Here’s why:

Google Maps only “indexes” major streets and roads (as far as I know anyway)

Right now I am parked beside my office. Google Parking Directions shows me that I am parked at the corner of “Linton and 10th.” While technically that is accurate, it doesn’t tell me if I am parked out front, under the old drive-through, down the street, in the restaurants parking lot, etc.

To be fair Google does admit that it will only give you the approximate location of where you parked. My question is, when will anyone ever need this?

If you can’t remember the street you parked on you shouldn’t be driving.

For the time being I am going to be turning this feature off. It uses censors from my phone which to me means battery usage.

To Google: when you can show me within 5-10 feet where I parked I will use this, but until then it has no value to me. I still love your search engine though.


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