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Apr 07
big websites that use WordPress

Big Websites that use WordPress

How many times have you heard “WordPress is only for small bloggers” or “you can’t use WordPress for a business or enterprise site.” Personally I’ve heard it one too many times.

I scraped a number of lists including Alexa top 5000, Fortune 5000 and a few others I have lying around. I ran it through a blog analyzer and poof, almost 50 websites that I guarantee everyone has heard of, all of which are running WordPress. – Alanis Morisette  – Dave Matthews band – Fortune – Izod LL Cool J – Facebook News – NY Post – Ocean City Maryland – NASA  – Pando  – QZ  – Snoop Dogg -Sylvester Stallone -TechCrunch -Usain Bolt -Variety Magazine -Ariana Grande -BBC America – Beyonce – Boingo – CBS Local – Coca Cola – Garth Brooks – Glad – – IFC – – Informer – Justin Bieber – The Dallas Mavericks -Mercedes Benz – Motley Crue – The New Yorker -NYT -Rush – Sony Music – Time Inc – Gigaom – Pando – Recode – Sweden Gvt – McDonalds

The above list includes major magazines, enterprise websites, eCommerce websites and many more. Some of these websites have 100’s of thousands of pages, thousands of registered users, and web 2.0 features out the wazoo. WordPress isn’t perfect for every situation, but it is my goto for most solutions.

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