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Aug 06
seo sales calls

(Audio) SEO Robocall Sales Calls

Update September 2015 – Well apparently Google is now going after some of these companies. I’m not gonna say “I told you so” but I really did tell you so.

I like to keep my eye on the competition, but I also like to keep my eye on the darker side of the SEO sales world. These calls are relentless, I generally get a few of them every week. I’m working on tracing the source of them but am finding now that they are coming from different companies.

Why am I not crazy about these? Well for starters most of them are telling me I haven’t verified my Google+ page, when in fact that has been done. They blanket call businesses (and people) hoping to get a tug on their sales lines.

I am all about sales and capitalism, but these calls are ridiculous.



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