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Oct 28

Understanding Facebook’s “Very Responsive” Tag

A few days ago whilst interacting on Twitter with a local colleague of mine I discovered yet another Facebook feature that cropped up. A big thank you to Brandon Seymour for cluing me in on this and helping me figure out out.

That feature is known as the “very responsive” tag and is given to Facebook Pages that respond quickly to private messages.

facebook very responsive

At first I wasn’t really sure how one could earn this tag, but after reading some of Facebook’s documentation I quickly realized it was easily attainable.

In short, here are the highlights:

  • You must have a total response rate of 90% which means you pretty much have to respond to all messages received from your Page
  • A median response time of 5 minutes – i.e. you have to return all messages right away

facebook responsive message

Facebook clarifies this further:

  • Response rate and response time are based only on your Page’s first reply in a message thread, not follow-up messages in the same thread that day
  • Messages marked as spam aren’t included in your response rate or response time
  • Messages received when your Page is Away won’t count towards your response rate or response time until your Page becomes available

We were able to earn a “very responsive” tag on our Facebook business Page by responding to messages right away.

How do you do this? The easiest way to make sure you respond to all messages right away is by using the Facebook app for your smartphone. Make sure to turn on all Page notifications so you get an audible notification whenever a new message is received.

This may not seem like a very big deal and really it’s not, but if you are constantly trying to improve your brands credibility online every little thing matters.

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