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Feb 01

LinkedIn’s Permalinks are Down Right Ugly

As many of you know, I’m not a huge fan of LinkedIn. I mean, I don’t despise them as I do Yelp or even the BBB, but I put LinkedIn into the category of “weird, confusing, and challenging.”

So today I decided to point out the ugliness and non-SEO friendliness of LinkedIn’s permalinks. As a programmer, I get it. I am able to look at these parameters and pretty much figure out how the server rendered these URIs. As a person, I am scratching my head at how someone has not cleaned this mess up.

Log into LinkedIn for the first time, you get this.

Normally you get a clean “” but LinkedIn just has to add garbage.

Let’s navigate on over to my company website:

Quite the mystery again. Companies do have much cleaner URLs:

However that is not in the mix for LinkedIn.

Let’s browse for some jobs:

Or browse the Moz user group:

Oh, let’s sign up for a premium account:

Edit my profile (just plain scary)*1_*1_*1_*1_*1

Forget SEO, this is so bad for UX

In this day in age, it is very common for folks to copy / paste URLs and send them via email, Skype, or (gasp) even copy them down on a piece of paper.

How on Earth does LinkedIn expect me to write this URL down:

Yes, I am a savvy individual and I can find the friendly URL (after a lot of searching)

But again, in 2015 why isn’t this “fixed?”

I’ve written about a number of ridiculous “features” of LinkedIn over the years.

LinkedIn needs to get their shit together. They have an incredible user base and a great concept. Their front end absolutely sucks. It is so confusing and cumbersome. Every time I visit LinkedIn I am presented with a different experience, and more questions.

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