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Sep 18

Can Google guess my reeeeeeely bad spelling?

Just kind of a fun / fake case study here. No technical data to back any I’ve been kind of playing around for the last few weeks asking myself the question: “How badly can I butcher the spelling of queries in order for Google auto-correct to get it right.”

Here are some of the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) examples that I’ve found:

It all started off with this random search that I actually did by having my fingers misplaced on the home row. Wow Google, you truly can fix stupid.

batteries 1

From there I mixed it up a bit. I switched the order of some words then butchered “batteries” completely.



I’ve found that if some of the words “kind of” look right, Google can guess the rest of the hat SEO software

This one a little easier, not very impressive.

brit spears


This was pretty much the worst example I could come up with. Only 1 word in the phrase spelled correctly, and the rest of them at least kind of off.

how to fix my ble

This one is also pretty bad. My cat has an attitude.



my cat has an attitude

I am kind of surprised Google didn’t replace “hyw” with “how” being that it is closer and would make sense within a similar phrase, but whatever.

why is my dog eating grass

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