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May 01

2024 Top Crypto AI Stocks (my picks)

(above photo is the start of my crypto mining operation from 2018, just for fun)

Ok yes I’ve sold out, I am blogging about crypto. But I am allowed to, after all I bought my first crypto pre-2016, I’ve owned and operated a crypto mining operation, and have been an overall crypto maximalist for the past 10 years. This post is not sponsored by anyone, there are no affiliate links, and I have zero affiliation with any of these projects, but I may own a few of them with very small positions.

If you ask me, AI needs to slow the f*ck down. Google’s search AI just sucks, AI chatbots are everyone’s worst nightmares…I tried Adobe’s Photoshop’s AI tools and they were just awful. In general I really just struggle to come up with more than a few ways AI has been contributing to society.

People right now are going nuts over crypto stocks, and everyone is constantly asking me what to buy. Not jut crypto AI stocks but AI stocks in general. So I will do my best here. Please note this is absolutely not financial advice, this isn’t even friendly advice. This is just a list of companies that I “like” and some of them I may own.

Render $RNDR

In simple terms: Imagine you are a graphic designer, programmer, or scientist and you need to run some tests or formulas. You need a $10,000 PC or server  to run these tests and you can’t afford it. Instead of buying a very expensive computer or server, you “rent” computing power from the Render network, and pay as you go.

The Render project is probably one of the most popular crypto AI projects right now, and has been around since 2020. It is my personal favorite crypto AI stock. It is my current favorite crypto AI project and one that I am holding.

If you want to buy RNDR you can do so on most large exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, or Coinbase.

Learn more about price, marketcap and supply at on coinmarketcap.

Node AI $GPU

In simple terms: Basically an exact replica of $RNDR but taylored  more towards the AI crowd rather than just an open market for whoever. If you want to get in a bit earlier, this is definitely the project to look at as it has only been around for about a year.  This is probably my top pick right now.

The easiest way to buy this is via Uniswap. So you need to purchase some ETH, go to Uniswap and “swap” Uniswap for $GPU. You would also need an ETH wallet such as Metamask.

Learn more about price, marketcap and supply at on coinmarketcap.

Bittensor $TAO

In simple terms: BitTensor connects various machine learning models (like artificial brains) over the internet, creating a network where these models can interact. Essentially, $TAO aims to create a system where artificial intelligence models can grow and learn in a cooperative environment, enhancing their capabilities more rapidly than they would be able to on their own.

I personally don’t get what all the hype is about for this, but people are really loving this crypto AI stock in Q1 and Q2 of 2024.

Right now you can buy this on Binance and a few smaller exchanges.

Learn more about price, marketcap and supply at on coinmarketcap.

The Graph $GRT

In simple terms: The Graph is “the Google of blockchain” but goes a bit beyond that. It’s designed to help developers access data from blockchains, much like how Google indexes the web to allow users to search for information. Instead of searching websites, The Graph allows for querying blockchain data.

The Graph has been around since about 2021 and can be bought on most major exchanges, and also be swapped on Uniswap.

Learn more about price, marketcap and supply at on coinmarketcap.

Fetch AI $FET

In simple terms: acts like a big, decentralized brain that allows machines to learn from their environment and improve over time. This can be used in various industries, like transportation for optimizing routes, in finance for better trading decisions, or in energy for efficient power use.

Fetch has been around since about 2019 and has seen a huge uptick in price action as of the last few months, but if their vision is fully realized, this is just the beginning.

Fetch is easy to buy, it is on most large exchanges including Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.

Learn more about price, marketcap and supply at on coinmarketcap.

Theta Network $THETA

In simple terms: A company that is built just for video streaming. So kind of like Twitch, or a piece of what YouTube / Insta / Tik-Tok is doing, but all on the block chain, decentralized, and peer to peer. Why is this important? They claim they will reduce costs and instead of a giant company “owning” the network, users or token holders will own the network. Bigger money for content creators and pass on savings to consumers. If they actually make this happen, it will be huge.

The word “AI” is used many times on their website and I regret to say I can’t exactly explain how they are using AI, but it is in the AI category so here it is. Theta has been around since about 2019 and is currently nowhere near the all time high, so you might say it is a great time to get in.

Purchase it on Binance as well as a few other exchanges.

Learn more the price, market cap and supply on coinmarketcap.

Ocean Protocol $OCEAN

In simple terms: A project that lets people buy and sell data over the web using blockchain tech. It is like a marketplace where you can do 3 things:

  • make $ by selling access to data
  • data consumers can buy access to data for research
  • and supposedly privacy protected because only necessary info is shared without revealing sensitive info.

There are many different ways OCEAN uses AI, read about it more on their website.

You can purchase this on lots of top exchanges.

Learn more the price, market cap and supply on coinmarketcap.



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