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How to Use / Add Multiple Instagram Accounts


When I heard this feature was rolling out, I was super excited. For years, people have begged Instagram to allow multiple account usage within the app. After all, Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ have ways of allowing you to use multiple accounts from your device.

FYI – these directions

To get started, you just need access to an Android or iPhone and have the login credentials to 2 or more accounts. Let’s walk through how to use multiple accounts on Instagram:

Start by going to your Instagram app and locating your profile settings:

instagram multiple accounts 1
From there, scroll towards the bottom and locate the setting “add account.”
instagram multiple accounts 2
From there Instagram will prompt you to login using your username and password of your secondary account.
instagram multiple accounts 3
Once logged in, you can tap on your username at the top of the app from any screen, and switch between multiple Instagram accounts. I beleive you can add up to 5 accounts maximum.
instagram multiple accounts 4

The end.

Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe is an internet entrepreneur, SEO consultant and web developer living in Delray Beach, FL. He is the founder of Elite Strategies.
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