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Dec 30

Fake SEO Terminology #humor

Neutral / Whitehat

Exponential Keyword Discovery

Regulated Content Intervals

Algorithmic Discovery Approach

Indirect Variable Pageview

Inverse Keyword Extraction

Symmetric Slawski Search System

On-page Action Analytics

Knowledge Graph Indexing

Backlink Interval Timing

Link inequality

Functional Search Query

Horizontal Keyword Shifting

The Quadratic Visitor System

Proportional Domain Offsetting

Consistent Content Shrinkage

Greatest Common Keyword

Fundamental Browser Evaluation

External Optimization Framework

Factoring for Follows (FFF)

Embedded Search Interval

The Fishkin Approach

Long-tail Link Velocity

Relative Bounce Rate Matrix

Symmetric Page Sculpting

Relevant Keyword Velocity

Canonicalized Redirect Rule

Frequency of Visitor Interaction


Referrer Jamming

Exit Page Visitor Eradication

PageRank Sequence Stuffing

Open Browser Stacking

Hidden Keyword Mutation

Cross Site Breaching

Unrelated Keyword Cloaking

Permalink Swapping

Duplicate Taxonomy Tagging

Link Pass-through Erosion

The Zero Link Vortex

Arbitrary Do-Follow Execution


Keyword Decay

Crawl Stuffing

Reverse Domain Hosting

User Cookie Obfuscation

Reverse Trackback Sniffing

UGC Farming

Hidden Community Voting

HTML Squatting

Link Plagiarization

Framework Load Hijacking

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