As long as there is search, there will be SEO.

Speaking Engagements

Let me speak at your presentation

I am an enthusiastic, expert speaker and love to get in front of an educated audience. Years of experience and knowledge have molded me into a living, breaking SEO presentor. I come prepared for all of my presentations, including: laptop with presentation software (you provide the projector/screen or I can), script outline (I free speak most of my presentations), handouts, and feedback cards. If the crowd is right, I’m also able to do a magic act.

    • Public Speaker – I will speak for your organization of 1-XX,XXX people. I come equipped with presentation material on a number of topics from beginner to expert. If you have a topic you would like to hear more about, I can prepare this as well. I have presentations prepared for audiences with zero level of knowledge, and presentations geared towards advanced users and programmers looking to gain entry into the industry and learn more.
    • Moderator – I will moderate a discussion related to SEO or internet marketing, for your presentation or talk.
    • Convention Speaker – I’ll get the crowd interacting and begging for more. I speak on topics that will make you think outside the box, and take you to the next level. I’m always connected to the community, so my talks are always current, and relevant to what is happening in this ever-changing industry.
    • Enterprise Speaker – If you need someone to speak or consult within your business, this is something that I have done in the past and am prepared to do as well. I’ve presented to several enterprise level institutions, and am comfortable speaking with C-level executives. While I have several enterprise level presentations, my most popular is “How Can SEO Improve Your Bottom Line.”
    • Educational Speaker –I love speaking at colleges and universities – I’m also able to speak to high school students. Students are used to interacting with speakers and love to ask questions, this helps improve my content for future presentations. I’m able to speak to students about SEO in a way that will motivate them to continue on their path to higher learning, and grow as individuals who will one day hit the work force.
    • Why Choose me?

      As an agency owner, I have a hands-on familiarity with all aspects of SEO – from link building to project management. I try to speak as often as possible so that I can stay relevant and meet new people I am a well spoken individual that is comfortable in front of a large audience. I have actual experience implementing SEO and PPC campaigns that have taken businesses to the next level. I will travel anywhere within the continental United States . I’ll also travel almost anywhere in the world, as long as it is safe and within my restrictions as a US Citizen. I can provide references of individuals who have attended my talks, and business owners who have benefited from my campaigns.

      Topics of Interest

      I first and foremost am most comfortable speaking about SEO and related subtopics, such as inbound marketing, content marketing, link building, on-page SEO, CRO, etc. In addition to SEO, I’m very comfortable speaking about social media, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click optimization, and other related topics. I have pre-prepared presentations on all of the aforementioned topics, and am able to whip up statistics and presentation material for additional topics as well.