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Obligatory about me stuff

I’m an internet marketer by profession, and have been self-employed for over 5 years. Past accomplishments include US Navy veteran of the USS Boxer also studied Computer Science at McCann School of Business in Pottsville, PA.

I moved to Florida in 2005 and founded a glass company during Hurricane Wilma which I kept open for about a year or so. After that I picked back up on web development and started getting into affiliate marketing and search engine optimization.

My Book
This year I published my first book titled “Learn SEO: An On-Page SEO Tutorial.” It was a huge learning experience and definitely gave me a lot more respect for people in the publishing industry. I made so many mistakes and there was a lot I would have changed, but it came out really well. You can get the paperback or the Ebook version from Amazon.

Work and Business

During this time I started doing SEO consulting on the side. Once I realized I had a viable business model I founded Elite Strategies an SEO Company (in late 2010) on a whim and a prayer. Within a year we had a solid client base, great staff, and was generating our own leads. We are now almost into our 5th year and running strong!

In 2014 I co-founded All Hands Hosting, a company built based on the fact that I’ve been hosting small businesses for almost 10 years and “why not.”

I’ve developed a number of apps and websites including an app for SEO’s to use JSON-LD markup, an SEO Intranet, and an active list of Shark Tank contestants and their websites.


I’m really into SEO blogging. I blog about SEO and most of my rants are done right here. I also blog on our company SEO blog. I’ve guest posted on many different sites including Moz, Search Wilderness, SerpWoo and Inbound.org.

In early 2016 I finally put pen to paper and “wrote the book on on-page SEO.” You can buy it for $4.99 but if you send me a nice email I might just send you a copy 🙂

I do not blog just to blog. I write about things that truly interest me, and things that I think matter. I try not to write about things that have already been written about.


I have an awesome wife who I met here in Florida and we have a beautiful son who is now 5 years old. My wife Jacquie joined our company after she left her job as a marketing director to come join the family business. She comes from a marketing background and has represented some insane brands in NYC, LA and Miami.

My hobbies include fitness, woodworking, electronics, photography, nutrition and design.

I’m just a normal guy that gets to do what he loves for a living.  I really couldn’t ask for more.

If you are interested in contacting me hit me up.

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Patrick Coombe SEO Consultant

Patrick Coombe
Elite Strategies
Patrick Coombe is a practitioner of search engine optimization, inbound marketing, and user experience optimization.
Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe is an internet entrepreneur, SEO consultant and web developer living in Delray Beach, FL. He is the founder of Elite Strategies.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe

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